Chicago’s roomescape conference

In depth seminars

These seminars will be held by successful people in the industry, they will give presentations about both technical and  financial side of the business. There will be introductory and advanced classes as well, so everybody will find the best fitting programs.

Escape game exhibits

On the conference floor you can learn about the newest technical solutions and puzzles, you can talk with designers, vendors and owners, you can join the interactive activities, and much more!


Don’t hesitate to try the newest and best games on the conference! Challenge yourself, if you have what it takes to complete some of the best escape room games you can find nowadays.

Network parties and mixers

Form relationships with other escape game owners at one of the multiple mixer events at places like the Great Room Escape and HellsGate Haunted House, bond with escape game lovers playing local escape games and on-floor activities. Clink glasses at an old-school arcade. The CREC provides various ways and means to network with escape game owners, vendors and players of every stripe and skill level.