Escape room games, as team building events

How is it working?

Escape rooms are designed for 5-8 people, so basically this game is created for teams. Usually families and friends visit these rooms but sometimes companies book the game scenes, for 10-15 or more people. There are some game scenes who recognized the opportunity and they built special rooms with the capacity of 10-15 or more people.


These rooms with extreme capacities become popular because company leaders realized how useful it is. Most of them use escape rooms as a test court to help employees to work together as a real team, and have fun at the same time. They connect with each other in a minute thanks to the circumstances, they start to share the different tasks in order to reach success together and complete the mission. While people playing the game, they unwittingly provide informations to the leaders about their personalities, intelligence, and problem solving skills.

Other advantage

Playing escape games can change the bad relations between  the workers, because they need each other’s help to complete the challenge, so they are basically forced to work together on a positive way. These kind of experiences bring people closer to each other.

As you see escape room games extremely useful, as they can have a positive influence on people so many way, and because all the games are different, you can experience the escape adventure as many time as possible.