How much does an escape game cost?

You decided to go and play escape room game but you have no idea how much does it cost? This article is for you!

Escape games today

Nowadays, escape room games can be found all around the world. Different sizes, storylines puzzles, these features have an influences on the prices of the games. But doesn’t matter on which part of the world you try to find an escape game, the price won’t break the bank!

Type of escape rooms

There are so many different types you can make categories like games for adults, there are some strictly 18+ category rooms, or some other escape adventures are designed for kids. An important influence on the price is the capacity of the room. The more people plays, the cheaper per person. The city and the location can be another important factor, the fancier places, the higher prices. Sometimes you can find escape games in small towns, these games are small family businesses everything handmade by the owner, they have unique rooms, opening hours, and sometimes prices.


The average price in an escape room game is usually somewhere between 25-30 US dollars but you can find rooms for fifteen dollars as well, mostly these rooms are made for kids. If you want more informations about the prices, check out sites like which is the biggest real live escape room database site on the world. On their page you can find infos about prices, room capacities, descriptions of rooms, reviews, and much more.