Which escape room should I choose?

What are the main story categories?

The number of the storylines are almost infinite  but there are some of them which a bit more popular. Almost everywhere you can find zombie apocalypse, bank heist, and detective rooms, these are the most popular themes. Of course there are so many other thematics from horror stories to erotic rooms, everybody can find the best fitting room.

Other point of views

What other informations might be useful for you before you choose a room? Difficulty level: The different rooms have different difficulty levels but it shouldn’t scare you before you choose your first adventure, because it’s all about your team’s capabilities you don’t have to be a pro player, a first timer can pass a difficult room as well. Capacity of the rooms: Mostly the rooms are designed up to eight or ten people, but now you can find rooms which made for team building events or similar occasions, these rooms are perfect for 15-20 persons.


Basically the truth is, doesn’t really matter what type of room you start to play everything is up to you and your friends. If you have a good time together, you will enjoy the game, even if the theme or the scene is not your favourite.

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