Sentences, you hear often in escape rooms

When people playing escape room games, their behaviour starts to change, because adrenaline swamp their brain, and that can cause really funny situations, when you forget about yourself, and you start to show the other side, the real side of your personality, when your instincts takes over control. Let’s see some example, which are the most common sentences people says in these situations:

What the hell is this? I’ll take it home!

The decoration of escape rooms are usually pretty awesome and eye-catching. This is the first thing you see when you step in, and you start to examine the furnitures, tools, and everything else you can find instinctively.

 Where the f@ck is the key?

As you start to run out of time, adrenaline starts to take over control. At that point you really start to feel that you are the part of the adventure, and you try to give your best to complete the mission

Holy Sh!T, where the hell could this f@ckin map be?

You can hear it almoust every time when people can’ find the map.

What the f@ck is that f@ckin Sh!t means!!!!????!!

Usually you can hear these sentences around 10 minutes before players run out of time, and they don’t understand what the next step is.

 No, we are going to fail this f@ckin mission!!!!

5 minutes before the end.


Around 2 minutes before the end.

   We made it!!! We f@ckin’ made it!!!!!

The end.