Which role fits you the best in an escape game story?

Leader: Do you like to be the first to discover the unknown, you are the one who tries everything earlier than the others, and you love organize and take control over every situation? Than probably you are a leader type, who try to be the first who solve the most difficult puzzles.

Deviant and funny: You love your friends but sometimes you separate yourself to find your own path? I bet in an escape room you are the person who make everybody laugh, but while everybody working on the same puzzle, you try to find another challenge for yourself.

Follower: These type of player loves to be the part of the team, but for some reasons, they don’t like to make the first step, and don’t like to discover the new challenges. Sometimes they feel better when tasks are given to them by someone else, and they can help their team that way.

Lazy: Well if that’s your type, than you must be lucky if your friends still call you to play, even if you are just discourage them. Or maybe they just don’t know you well enough!