Introducing: Exit The Room

Who are they?

Exit the Room is a Hungarian company, they have games in Austria, Germany, and they are going to open new scenes in the United States. They provide the best quality escape room games in Europe, so if you have the chance, to try their rooms, don’t miss it! Let’s Take a closer look at their rooms!


A new, mysterious virus infected the humanity, which turns human beings to zombies. Only a few people survived the apocalypse, and their aim is to find the antidote. To reach your goal, you have to find the incomplete antidote in the room of the mad scientist and finish it before the sun goes down and the hordes of zombies attack you!


In this mission,  time is your biggest enemy! You have to dismantle an atomic bomb in only one hour! If you can’t reach your aim, millions of people will die, and the end of the world will arrive! Based on the opinions of thousands of players, this might be the best scene in exit the room.

Mind Boggling

In this mission you have to fight in the labyrinth of puzzles built on each other, and you will find your way out! Stay sober, prepare yourself for some unexpected twists! What you will need: Logical thinking skills, excellent problem solving skills, concentration, and teamwork, of course! Your primary aim in this room is to hack the lock of the electric door, and escape the room!

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