Should I bring my smartphone in the escape room?

Why not?

In order to escape the room in time, you must solve puzzles that based on the skills of your logical thinking, problem-solving, and intelligence, not on the learned knowledge. If you try to use your phone, the only thing you reach is that you will run out of time. So instead of browsing the internet trying to find solutions, you better start to use your brain, because if you manage to complete the mission, the price of your efforts is victory, the feel of success, which is priceless.

On the other hand, there are many game scenes where you are not even allowed to bring your phone because it can be wet, or damaged on another way thanks to the special circumstances, and the company won’t take the responsibility, so it’s in your own interest to leave it outside!

The only thing you need is YOU!

The most important ingredient of success is, to be able to think fast under pressure, and have great communication skills, to work together with the other players as a real team! Today people are led by modern technology, they have to use their intelligence less and less, that’s why escape games become more and more valuable. So don’t try to kill the magic, create your team, and play that awesome game today!