How to fight against claustrophobia


Usually, the reason of claustrophobia is a frightening experience that related with an elevator, tunnel or some similar places. The key to healing is the knowledge. Those people who suffer from this sickness know that they have no reason to have this extreme fear, and this can be a good starting point. The illness can be cured with psychotherapy, that is the best way to become healthy again. The other method is systematic desensitization, when the patient learns how to relax in the situation or circumstances that frighten him, or the role following method when the patient watches the other person how he reaches and handles the scary situation.

Escape room therapy

Once you cured of this phobia, you can test yourself in escape room games. The game scenes are usually built in the basement and the rooms are closed, tight and dark, so these are those circumstances which test effectively if you are really cured or not. If you are not able to stay in the room for one hour, then probably you should visit your psychotherapist again. The company of friends, the puzzles, and the adventure stories can help you to forget about the frightening circumstances, and focus on the game.