An expolsive escape room: Exit The Room: The Bomb

The Experience

The game scene can be found in the basement of an old building that gives you that special vibe as soon as you step inside the hall. The game masters tell you some basic but important information about the game, they give you a walkie-talkie, which you can use for asking for help if it’s necessary, then they lock you in, and the game begins! This adventure contains two rooms, the first one is an ordinary room, with World War II decorations, that push you in the past immediately, with its classic old fashion decor that contains old radios, helmets, and clothes among many others. I don’t want to ruin your experience in case you will try this game as well, so I'm not going to talk about the puzzles, all I have to tell you is, the solutions hide in the details, so always examine every hidden point of the rooms and furniture if you want to escape in time!

I gave you this advice because we made a mistake with it, we noticed the key that opened the door of the other room too late, and we started the new scene twenty minutes before the end of the game. The second room is the highlight of the game you can find the bomb here which looks awesome! The place is full of army’s equipment like grenades, weapons, helmets, maps, documentaries, it’s like traveling back in time!

We managed to complete the mission in the last minutes, but we lost too much time in the middle of the game so the end was extremely thrilling!

An unforgettable escape room

The experience was unforgettable, I can recommend Exit The Room for both beginner and professional escape players, trust me, you won’t be disappointed! We will come back to try the other rooms as soon as possible!

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