Escape room world championship in Budapest

How to qualify?

You can apply for the championship through Red Bull Mind Gamers website. To pass the qualifying, you have to solve the riddles as fast as possible. The fastest players will gain the invitation to the  qualifying round. The invited players can bring three teammates with themselves. The mission of the qualifier is to open the mystery cube as fast as possible. In the championship qualifying games, teams of four members will play against each other. Only one team by country will take part in the world championship finals, which will be held in Budapest in 2017.



Preparing for the finals

If you want some information about the competition, You should visit the Twitter page of the event where you can read about the qualifying systems of other countries, and you can find some help for the first steps of the riddles.


Budapest already won

Budapest is known worldwide as the capital of escape rooms, so it wasn’t even a question where to organize the world championship. But do the best players from? Early next year this question will be answered!