Introducing: Paniq Room

The team

Escape games can be seriously addictive. We spent the last few months playing as much escape games as possible but doesn’t matter how much we played, it’s never enough, we keep looking for new challenge. At the beginning, when we created our team and started to play we weren’t really successful, however, we knew each other for a long time, we had to realize, working together as a team was a completely different cup of tea. But after gaining more and more experiences, we started to work together more effectively. Before our latest adventure, we had a really optimistic mind, we were ready to give our best in order to escape in time and win the challenge.

Paniq Room

The rooms

Paniq Room has two different adventures. One based on the Saw movie, the other was inspired by the famous TV series, Lost.  Our goal was to pass both challenges, the time limit was two hours, one for each room. We managed to escape the saw room in one hour and 25 seconds, but we only needed 42 minutes to pass the other room, in overall we had a successful game day.

Surprisingly for me, the Lost room was more interesting than the Saw. I expected more horror elements in the Saw room. Instead, it was just a dark basement with old furniture without anything special. Lost was different: the floor was covered with sand, and the room was a real breathing environment thanks to the mini waterfall and the plants placed everywhere in the room with many other elements that helped to create the amazing vibe. In spite of the many positive details, neither games were perfect.

Game experience

So we started with the saw. At first, we checked everything in the room, the furniture, the pictures on the wall, just like every experienced escape player would do it. The most interesting point of the game was when we found the codes of a few puzzles. The game masters forgot to remove them after the previous team, that ruined a lot on the game experience. There were problems with the puzzles as well: in some cases, we were able to solve puzzles on a different and easier way.


The most interesting factor of these games is the flow experience factor. Flow means you enjoy doing something so much you forget about the world around you,time is running fast, the challenge is not too easy, not too difficult, and you are able to focus on what you are doing 100% without putting in too much effort. In Saw, flow broke many times because of the designing fails, and the mistakes of game masters.

The Lost room offered a much better gaming experience: the puzzles were well designed, the room had an amazing feelin’  and vibration, we felt like we are staying on a real island, they put a lot of energy in the building of this game scene.


Overall, we had fun in Paniq room. If you are a fan of the Lost series you must try it. There are a few things in the saw room that must be fixed especially the designs of the puzzles, but it’s not a hopeless room.

Read more about the game on their website, where you can find all the information you might need!