Introducing: Exit the Room-Mind Boggling

The lone escape player.

I spent three months in Munich as a game master, and because of this position, I had to test the room alone, because that’s the best way to learn how to help players, and prepare the room between two rounds. This scene made me feel like this room is the secretly hidden mind of an insane professor, who tries to test my problem-solving skills with puzzles based on math.

Mind Boggling

In order to escape the room, you need a six-digit code that opens the lock of the exit door. The puzzles you have to solve to get the numbers are based on each other, it needs teamwork if you want to complete the challenge in time. Despite I’m a really experienced escape player, I couldn’t make it in time, the amount of the riddles were too much.

The Mind of the Mad.

This game scene contains two rooms, and they are full of irrelevant things that hold you back from focusing on the puzzles, so it’s really not easy to finish the game in time. Unfortunately, I spent too much time with discovering the small details, as I mentioned it earlier, it’s hard to keep focusing on the mission. The two rooms were separated by a huge door with a lock on it.

Can you escape?

The vibration of the room was weird because of the background music, that sometimes made me feel I go crazy, so it didn’t help at all. The puzzles weren’t too hard, it was simply too much for one person. When I started the second room i only had 20 minutes left to escape the room and although you have 5 jokers for 60 minutes, I only had one more left to use.

Finally, I managed to solve all the puzzles, but I couldn’t make it in time. I recommend this room for groups of 4-5 people, my advice is, don’t let the small details take away your attention if you want to escape in time! Check out Exit the Room's website for more information about the other games they have.