Escape room tips: more haste, less speed!

Even if you have a vast knowledge about escaping all kinds of escape rooms, there’s one thing you always need to face: time.


Let us share a secret with you: you shouldn’t worry about it! A lot of people consider the clock as the biggest enemy, but they are wrong. When creators construct their rooms, they obviously consider the fact that it needs to be solved in 60 minutes.

The only scenario in which the clock can be of disturbance is when you overstress the situation and start panicking. Don’t let time distract you.


However, if you get stuck and can’t move on in like 10 minutes, ask for some help from the game master. He won’t solve the puzzle for you, but he can push you in the good direction.


So take our advice, create a system in your mind and don’t let the clock distract you. Solve the puzzles at your own pace! But there’s one thing you should hurry up with – booking an escape room! Check our map and browse the best ones near you!