Scavenger Hunt Apps For Team Building

Playable on both smartphones and tablets, scavenger hunt apps are essentially software applications for treasure hunts and adventure games. These apps are designed to encourage players to interact with each other and help develop meaningful relationships. Many of the puzzles and clues within these apps feature GPS locators that help trigger responses and challenges as the games are based on physical locations. More often than not there will be multiple choice answers and the players simply type in their responses or provide photographs taken with their phones. 

Today's remote workers get very little in the way of exercise and virtually no social interaction with their colleagues. Scavenger hunt apps are great for team building exercises as the game requires players to travel to new locations, as well as acting out the challenges for those team members. The games that are easy to share and easy to play as teammates can take turns designing the challenges and maps themselves, in conjunction with using the apps. 

A great feature of these apps is that they allow people to play from separate locations but within their own schedule. With so many people and colleagues being separated, these simple games can create a sense of unity, along with a more physical take on your regular Zoom scavenger hunt experience where, on the whole, the players are limited to their homes or offices. These apps encourage everyone to get out and about, and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, which also contributes to better physical as well as mental well-being.


This is without doubt the best scavenger hunt app for team building purposes. Players can complete challenges in any number of ways including scanning QR codes, answering multiple choice questions, checking into locations or submitting photos and videos. There’s a leaderboard which keeps the current scores and also an online continuous feed displaying the other player’s submissions. Also there’s a handy dashboard for the host who can then see participation and engagement levels, and also other activity data. The player interface is easy to follow, making the app an enjoyable platform for all players, even those far apart.

Turf Hunt

This app is a customisable location based hunting game. The games master will create lists of quizzes, puzzles, and of course, all utilizing the easy-to-use design templates and then publish them for all players. Once a player has downloaded the app they can join in your game by simply entering a custom code. Once again the game works with GPS checking the challenges, meaning that the players need to go and travel to different locations. The game has an offline mode as well as being translated into multiple languages. It's a great game from an entertainment point of view, as a way of moving people out of their homes, as well as a great team building exercise.


Two Dots

Two Dots is well known for its zen gameplay as well as stunning artwork. Playing the original game was just available in single player mode, but now it contains leaderboards that rank competitors on a weekly basis. This not only contains the play scores against each other, but there's also a Sparcade platform, which allows colleagues to go head to head. Though the game has a very relaxing feel to it thanks to its graphics, it is also very mentally stimulating. The team behind Two Dots is constantly releasing new adventure boards which mean that you and your teams can play as a continuous ongoing team building exercise.

Camera Hunt

Here’s a scavenger hunting game consisting of finding as many objects as possible within just 60 seconds. To that end, the gameplay is very straightforward and makes this game very easy to master. Players use their smartphone cameras to capture the images needed. There's no need to snap any pictures though, one just has to show the objects on the screen. Interestingly enough, this is one of the first games we've seen that uses machine learning to identify the clues and give the players their rewards accordingly. Playing the game maybe to rapid for the purposes of team building, but it can be a great warm up or an ice breaker game. It's rapid format makes it great fun.


With this perfectly acceptable app, you can choose to utilize premade party packs or actually get in contact with the Eventze creative team to have them design a custom game especially for you. The app is very easy to master and can be played remotely by any number of players. The games consist of around 25 challenges,  which all contain a mixture of videos, photos, and quick response quizzes. There are a number of themes like fantasy or holiday and others which can change the game from being family friendly to being for a great team building for a company. It’s main selling factor is that the whole experience is totally customizable.